Grow with Google

Google is offering free training, tools, and events through a program called Grow with Google

They offer support in general skills, career and business, job seekers, startups, developers and you can all see when they will be in town for sessions. Just ran into it while plunking away at the keyboard. The program works with a variety of partners like Coursera, Goodwill, Udacity, 4-H, and much more.

It reminds me of another resource I highly recommend for free online learning: GCF LearnFree


Very nice! Thanks for sharing Scott. I also stumbled upon these free PD offerings from Capella, that cheaply translate in CEU’s and also credit towards a master’s degree with Capella. They seem pretty good from my vantage point. I’d love to know what others think.

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In a similar vein, not so much an educator resource, but a good resource for Google admins and Google apps power users is this resource:

It’s basically a site where the Google development team shares information about upcoming changes, requests feedback on new potential changes.

I use it to get a sense of the roadmap of new Google features and to pick up tips and tricks.