Google (forms) Add-ons

I have a form that will need to be submitted twice this year. Ideally, we would like the second invitation to 1. be automatic and 2 include the previous form responses so that responders can have their previous answer and/or just update the previously submitted form.

I’ve looked at the ‘Form Scheduler’ and ‘Email Notifications for Forms’ - no luck. I have found that should allow us to perform the above, but I was sure hoping someone would know of another Add-on or another workaround in Google.

I have been working a bit with google scripts and there may be a way to generate customized forms like this. I will take a look and see what I can come up with, but currently do not know of any add-ons that do this off the top of my head. What is your timeline for rolling this out?

A quick googling tells me that one could write a script to do this. I may have some time next week to dig into it and would be more than willing to help as writing scripts like this is increasingly becoming my area of expertise.

In other words I want to help just to learn how to do it :slight_smile:

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By December 19th would be ideal. I have a few other leads I will follow-up with and I will let you know what if I hear back. I would LOVE to learn how, but it’s a little too far off my knowledge base to be reasonable to tackle alone. THANK YOU!

So I did a little more digging today and could help you set something up! I can definitely get pre-filled form responses in google forms. If you email me at about the specifics and perhaps share the form/responses then we could get this rolling.

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