Google Data Studio

Is anyone on here familiar or experienced with Google Data Studio? I’m looking for an “expert” of sorts who might be able to consult with some folks here at NEC who are interested in improving presentation and communication of collected student data.

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Hi Ben,
We have several staff that are somewhat skilled with Google Data Studio, and we are using it for a few projects in the district. Because we are backlogged with projects in IT, it will honestly be a while before we can connect with you on this.

Let’s connect in a couple weeks and see where we’re at then.

That works! Thanks, Chad.

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Hey Ben,
I’ve used this tool a fair amount. Still much I don’t know, but I’d be happy to come out and meet with your group.
I’ll send you a direct email to figure out a time.

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Thanks, Ben! I didn’t want commit you to this, so thanks so much. This is a huge help!

No problem!