Free Access via Hennepin County Library is one of the better providers of digital training on all sorts of topics, ranging from photography to marketing to design to technical topics like programming and instructional design. They have courses, learning paths, and individual lessons. A full membership is several hundred dollars per year.


I just found out this weekend that Hennepin County Library users get free accounts with full access.

I could see this being useful for teachers wanting to pick up new skills or for students looking to learn specific skills that we might not have solid curriculum for yet.


Setting up an account was easy. I went to the Hennepin County Library site, logged in to my HCL account, and searched for Lynda. That gave me a link to a special portal where I was able to create a username and password and log right in. It took just a couple of minutes.

Very interesting. I will take a look-see.

That’s good to know. Hennepin County Library (and others I assume) also give out tickets for various museums and events from time to time. They also provide free access to various electronic databases (like ProQuest). I guess I shouldn’t say free because residents pay for it, but still, they make it easy.


Good to hear, I am going to do a check on Anoka County Library. On another note - I am really liking the new version of the Innovation Forum.


Thanks Kelly! Glad you like it.

I’d be curious if Anoka has the same agreement. Can you let us know when you find out?

Very impressed that this resource is offered for “free.” A colleague shared this little known opportunity with me some time ago.

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