Forum Desktop Notifications

Get notifications on your desktop when there is forum activity. This can be set in your preferences:

Looks like I will ALWAYS know what’s going on . . . Not sure if that’s a good thing yet. #Lurker


I really like the feature of getting notifications on my desktop. I often join different forums and then sort of forget about them. Getting notifications reminds me that I am a member of the forum and alerts me to current activity. It keeps me in the information loop and an active member.

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I’m liking this because I just got a desktop notification from your post about desktop notifications :slight_smile:

I just received your notification also. I am liking this a lot. I am working in the Richfield District and feel connected to 287 at the same time!

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I’m not sure that mine are working as intended, or maybe I’m misunderstanding how they are supposed to work. I seem to get them sometimes but not often.

Maybe you don’t get them if you have the forum open in a browser window?

I receive two different type of desktop notifications; reply notifications and summary notifications. The reply notification is an immediate desktop notification of a reply to a comment I posted. The summary notification is a once or twice a week notification of forum activity that has happen over a period of time. Both types of notifications are helpful and valuable to me. Really liking it!!

Ah. I see now. Apparently it doesn’t notify you if you have the forum open or have been on in the last 10 minutes. That explains why I don’t get them so often. I usually have a tab open with the forum in it.