🏈 District 287 Fantasy Football League 🏈

With the NFL Draft just a few days away, it got me wondering if people would be interested in a District 287 Fantasy Football league. Thoughts? Interest?

I’d be interested!

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Nice! We’re up to a league of 2! :slight_smile:

It’d be great if we could get up to 6+, and I bet we do as things move forward.

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I try not to spread my fantasy football energy too thin… but consider me “likely to join.”

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I try no to spend too much time on setting my lineup every week, but if the entry fee is small enough, I’d play.

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Awesome! I was assuming we’d just do a free league, no money involved.

If we count Ben D as a .5, we’re up to 3.5 people!

Ben - Maybe someone would want to share a team? You can have co-ownership in Yahoo leagues.

Yes, that’s definitely a possibility!

Okie Dokie! It’s almost time for football! Who’s In?

Paul, Emily, Ben still good?

Yeah what the heck, I’m in.

Awesome! We’re a league of two now! MOMENTUM!

Maybe we can tweet it out to #287edchat next week too.

I was at the Vikes preseason on Sunday and left during the 3rd quarter :cry:

So it’s now my football resolution to not miss out- I’m in!!!

Nice, we’re up to three now! If we get 6-8, we should be good to go. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t drafted and/or still have spots then I can participate!

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Yes, up to 4!

I haven’t made much time to promote this, but I think we can do this if we get six people. Even if we miss the first week, that’s no big deal. We could start with week two.

Some people are trying to cobble together a league at NEC here, too… if there are room for 4 there it might make sense to combine?

Scratch that, the NEC league is full, I didn’t even get in!