File Organization in Moodle

I have a general question that I feel like I should know the answer to, but I realized that I’m not 100% sure that I do.

For support file organization in Moodle (things like audio files, or PDFs, or image resources), where’s the best place to store them? This is assuming that you’ll be linking to the file from within a course assignment or page. Is it…

1 - As a file in the specific topic in the Moodle course, indented or in a folder?
2 - As a file in a file specific topic box at the bottom of a course?
3 - Someplace else I’m missing, like organized in a Private folder?

I’m not talking about video, where I’d be looking to Google or YouTube, or anything that could be put into a Google doc format, where I’d link to the file from the course.

There are also some differences in how the files will be used, and I’m wondering if that might matter? For example, there are some PDF writing sheets that students will actually download and physically write on, and there are audio files, that students will generally only access while on a course page, by clicking on the play button and listening to the audio. So they’ll download the PDF resource but never do so with the audio files. Additionally, there might be one PDF as part of a lesson, but there could be a dozen audio files.

The reason that I ask is I’ve got two older courses with files in the legacy file folder. These files have been creating issues on backup and restore, and I’d like to take a bit of time to move them to a more logical and better functioning place.

Files are typically stored on the page in which they are linked.

For PDF files, click on the chain link icon–>instead of pasting a URL, browse repositories. Then you can upload a file there.

For audio, click on the button in the editor that looks like a sheet with a speaker on it. You can upload audio there and the player will embed.

To upload lots of files on a page at once then you can click the icon that looks like two sheets. It’s for all the embedded files on that page/assignment. You can pre-load pages there.

Thanks Jon, this is super helpful!