Favorite Twin Cities Restaurants

My favorite restaurant is Himalayan on Lake Street in Minneapolis.

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I once had brunch there, need to go for dinner some time.

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YES, Clark! Broder’s is one of my favorites, too

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my favorite restaurants is Red Lobsters

For Mexican, I really like Supermercado y Panaderia LomaBonita in Crystal off of Bass Lake Road. They have traditional tacos, such as yummy tacos al pastor and they are very reasonably priced.

I guess I need to get out more because I’m coming up short on Twin Cities restaurants. I’m way out in Big Lake so if you are out that way you could try Cornerstone Cafe in Monticello and the Tipsy Chicken in Elk River.

Psycho Suzie’s in the summer.

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Those Cheddar Bay biscuits!

Oh, thanks! I’m going to be up that way next weekend for our son’s soccer game. I might check out Cornerstone Cafe.

+1 to this! The pizza is great. The Garlic alfredo pasta is really good, and the gelato!

You and me, both!!

This is wrong, Retha… just. so. wrong. (I do like the Blue Door very much, but they are Jucy Lucy appropriators!!)

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Humm. Sounds like I have a place to check out! Thanks

WSK OMG!!! (Uptown)

Can you site your evidence… and Obama eating elsewhere doesn’t count… LOL

Since it’s National Cheeseburger Day I must respond to this. This is a well documented field of research as I’m sure you know, Retha. Two South Minneapolis taverns claim to have originated the Jucy Lucy in the 1950s, and the particulars are in dispute. I love both of them (Matt’s Bar & 5-8 Club) for different reasons.

When seeking a Jucy Lucy or any burger there is a general fork in the road, for me: fancy or traditional. Both styles are good, but they are distinct. Places like The Blue Door, Red Cow, etc., these are great restaurant that serve fancy burgers. That’s different from the classic “greasy spoon” variety, a la Lion’s Tap in Eden Prairie, or Anchor Bar in Superior, WI (the latter being my personal favorite for the past decade or so).

Matt’s Bar has the best Jucy Lucy’s because of the unique flavor. They’ve been cooking onions and burgers on the same little flat top grill for about 80 years, and you can taste it. This is not unlike the concept of the perfectly seasoned cast iron skillet. Case closed!

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This summer our family went on an expedition to Matt’s Bar to try our first Jucy Lucy’s. We got there about 5:30pm and the line was out the door. We waited about a half hour but then gave up when we did the math on the line and figured it was going to take another hour to get seated.

So if line size/wait time is any indication, Matt’s Bar has something good going on.

I was just trying to poke the bear…

It worked.

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Doesn’t take much for me to talk at length about foodstuffs, lol.

I hear ya! Don’t get me started on Instant Pots!