Favorite Twin Cities Restaurants

I second others that there are many good places.
Old Southern BBQ
Keg and Case has several options too, but we haven’t tried them all yet!

Some of my favorites are
Hong Thai in Maple Grove
Acapulco for Mexican
Colossal Cafe, long lines for brunch but their pancakes are SO good!

I really like La Fresca in Minneapolis. It’s a small Mexican restaurant tucked in a neighborhood in South Mpls and it has knowledgeable staff and wonderful food.

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Love Revival, just round the corner from my place.

Those are all new to me! Thanks for the recommendations!

My favorite pizza joint in the Twin Cities is definitely Fat Lorenzo’s. They have two locations, but I am a big fan of the South Minneapolis one. It is kid-friendly, and I love their crust. (Be advised, you thin-crust lovers…this is not that type of place.)

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My favorite restaurant is Himalayan on Lake Street in Minneapolis.

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I once had brunch there, need to go for dinner some time.

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YES, Clark! Broder’s is one of my favorites, too

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my favorite restaurants is Red Lobsters

For Mexican, I really like Supermercado y Panaderia LomaBonita in Crystal off of Bass Lake Road. They have traditional tacos, such as yummy tacos al pastor and they are very reasonably priced.

I guess I need to get out more because I’m coming up short on Twin Cities restaurants. I’m way out in Big Lake so if you are out that way you could try Cornerstone Cafe in Monticello and the Tipsy Chicken in Elk River.

Psycho Suzie’s in the summer.

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Those Cheddar Bay biscuits!

Oh, thanks! I’m going to be up that way next weekend for our son’s soccer game. I might check out Cornerstone Cafe.

+1 to this! The pizza is great. The Garlic alfredo pasta is really good, and the gelato!

You and me, both!!

This is wrong, Retha… just. so. wrong. (I do like the Blue Door very much, but they are Jucy Lucy appropriators!!)

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Humm. Sounds like I have a place to check out! Thanks

WSK OMG!!! (Uptown)