Favorite Twin Cities Restaurants

So, what are some of your favorite Twin Cities places to eat?

We have a lot, but for Italian we like Primo Plates and Pours in Long Lake.

For Indian, we like Kadai Indian Kitchen (Plymouth).

For Thai, Nong’s in Golden Valley and Thai Table in Plymouth.

Roat Osha Thai on 3001 Hennepin Ave. S, Minneapolis serves excellent Thai food and nice ambiance, paid parking right next to the restaurant or you find something on the street.
Crave & Kona Grill in Eden Prairie have great American food. Crave serves free birthday cake, if you go there on your birthday.

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We have many favorite places, too!
Some of our top picks are:
Andale for authentic Mexican (Richfield)
Nakamori for sushi (Edina)
Surhabi for Indian (Bloomington)
… there are so many!


Hi Rashmi!

We like Crave a lot too! Their tuna tataki is fantastic.

Now I’m hungry…

I have many opinions in this area. I will limit myself for now.

  • The Himalayan Restaurant in Minneapolis. Tibetan/Nepalese cuisine. Best tikka masala that I have ever tried. Reasonable prices, too!

  • Similar in terms of the cuisine, I recently discovered India Palace in Plymouth, not too far from the District Service Center. I stopped in for the lunch buffet and everything I tasted was absolutely superb. I will be back!

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Thai Table is superb! I have been meaning to try Nong’s.

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I love Crave as well. Kids eat free on Sundays and they bring kids fruit or veggies as an app for free every day! Great happy hour too!

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I’m a big fan of the Bourbon Butcher in Farmington in the far south metro. Delicious smoked meats.


We do not frequently eat outside of our home but we really enjoy Que Viet on Brooklyn Blvd. and for rare, special occasions, we like Manny’s Steakhouse.

My suggestion is Broder’s Pasta Bar on 50th and Penn in Minneapolis. Our family’s been going there for years and we love their range of foods and the care of the staff.

We all KNOW the [Blue Door] is the home of the Juicy Lucy! Some of us just won’t admit defeat!

I second others that there are many good places.
Old Southern BBQ
Keg and Case has several options too, but we haven’t tried them all yet!

Some of my favorites are
Hong Thai in Maple Grove
Acapulco for Mexican
Colossal Cafe, long lines for brunch but their pancakes are SO good!

I really like La Fresca in Minneapolis. It’s a small Mexican restaurant tucked in a neighborhood in South Mpls and it has knowledgeable staff and wonderful food.

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Love Revival, just round the corner from my place.

Those are all new to me! Thanks for the recommendations!

My favorite pizza joint in the Twin Cities is definitely Fat Lorenzo’s. They have two locations, but I am a big fan of the South Minneapolis one. It is kid-friendly, and I love their crust. (Be advised, you thin-crust lovers…this is not that type of place.)

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My favorite restaurant is Himalayan on Lake Street in Minneapolis.

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I once had brunch there, need to go for dinner some time.

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YES, Clark! Broder’s is one of my favorites, too

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