Event: District 287 Help Us Innovate! (April 20)

Woot! Thursday, April 18, from 6pm-8pm at NEC, District 287 will be hosting an Educelerate North event!

The main idea is that we’ll be doing a super brief presentation on our Innovation model, then breaking out into smaller “collab” discussions on ongoing innovation projects in the district. The idea is to get community and peer input into how we can make the projects better, and how we can share what we’ve learned so that others can run with the ideas.

We’d love help in spreading the word and getting people to come to the event, so please pass this along to your social networks, colleagues, friends, and pets! The event is free, of course, but participants do have to register and RSVP on the Educelerate site. (It’s a super fast process, takes only a minute.)

Lastly, if you work at 287 and are interested in facilitating a table discussion, we’re looking for another 3 innovation projects for certain table discussions, and another 2-3 for alternate discussions, should we have more people than we anticipate.


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