Emerging reading resources for older students

I have a student who is an 8th grade English Language Learner. He reports that he has not learned about letters or sounds and cannot read at all.
Do you have any recommendations for apps or resources that could help him these early literacy skills that aren’t too juvenile?

I’m sitting here with Diane and she says that she has lots of ideas. She’ll post once she has a few minutes to reply. @DianeGeradsSchmidt

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For phonics instruction, i love Systematic sequential phonics. https://g.co/kgs/QZRrq3
No baby pictures. Just letters, sounds, and words. I’m fairly certain my literacy specialist has a copy, and a few lessons have been done as smartboard files on the T-drive. I’ll look for the link


I asked Mae Bullock, one of our literacy specialists at NEC for advice - here’s her reply: “There are a lot of things that can be modified to help the kid out. We should probably start with phonemic awareness and within that, relate the common sounds in their native language and English. I would have to investigate some online resources. In the meantime, maybe email Adele, our ESL specialist. She may have some online resources…”

Adele’s email is: arcisse@district287.org


We use the Sonday system to teach letter and sound patterns. It’s crazy effective and really easy to teach and our high schoolers respond really well to it. Ask Christin Sohns if she can help you with it.


There are a couple of apps you can look at:

Phonetics Focus HD - 2.99
Phonics Genius from alligator apps, not sure of the price
English Pronunciation and Phonetics Pack - 3.99

Yes, I would connect with the EL support for WEC and Christin. You are also more than welcome to check out any of our System 44 resources.

Thanks for all of the suggestions. We are getting this student some help and resources.

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