District 287 Images of Diversity

In a lot of the curriculum and professional development work we’re doing, I find myself looking for diverse images of the educational world. Whether it’s teachers, students, parents, a good photo can help increase user attention and engagement.

Here’s the thing: It’s remarkable how difficult it is to find educational images that represent the diversity of our country’s educational population, that aren’t behind expensive subscription services. It took Jim Wagner and I a half hour trying to find an image of a diverse group of teachers talking before we finally found one.

I don’t have a solution, but I wonder, could we crowd source this type of thing at District 287?

(I know we run into student release issues with the student side of things, but we have many students who have provided releases.)

It would need to be someone’s job? Like, not full time, but at SECA, at least, it wouldn’t rise up on anyone’s “to do list” without it getting special priority.

Do you think it would be sufficient to create a folder based off public domain images? Or is it appropriate to hire someone to create these photos and keep them within 287?
I know that some companies will hire out for the exact thing you are talking about. My partner is a filmmaker/photographer and has had clients (never a school though) that have specifically hired him to take pictures and videos that reflect the company’s diversity. The company then has all rights to the photos and can use them for marketing or inter-company needs. Maybe something like this could also intersect with the marketing department in 287. All could have access to these materials for both promotional content and classroom use.

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