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What are meaningful ways to incorporate educational assistants in constructing and delivering learning experiences?


Hi Na’im!
When I set up meetings with teachers we are often including the EA’s-they are helping in planning/problem solving/finding resources/etc. So, maybe teachers and coaches could do that?



This is a great thing to highlight, IMHO. There are so many opportunities hidden in this situation, and being intentional about including EAs in meetings like this can both help our students and also be a great PD opportunity for EAs. There are also so many different problems to solve that having another mind in the discussions could really be valuable in solving problems/getting things done.

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Understanding there isn’t a precedent for evaluating teaching and or coaching in this moment. It makes me wonder if teachers might unfairly evaluate their own effectiveness given the context and learning curve.

Are there certain misconceptions about what it looks like to “fail” as a teacher or coach in a typical distance learning environment (that might get heightened in April)?

Are there certain ways for teachers to incorporate grace into the planning, teaching and grading process for distance learning (or would it require a District to shower sufficient grace into the month of April) given the many pressures to get this right ?

I know our EA has already volunteered to basically hold her own office hours that students could drop by if they wanted help working through an assignment or reading. This is a topic I would love to know more about though.

I am curious – does NSO have EAs and if so, how can EAs support students in a fully online class? Is there a playbook somewhere to follow?

Jake-I love the idea of seeing how NSO utilizes EA support! Great idea! I love the idea of EA office type hours also. Thanks!

I like where your head is at and already have talked to a couple of teachers with worries around this idea and tenure and how things are going to go. Definitely something to consider and being thinking about.

I might be mistaken (I’ll try to get clarification) but I thought that the District had decided that if an EA is meeting online with a student that a licensed teacher has to be part of that meeting. I was thinking along the same lines, that EAs could tutor, but it might not be permitted currently. I’ll try to get clarification today, I may have misunderstood.

I wasn’t sure of that either, thanks for checking Mike.

Quick answer: Jon V said: “Check with Amanda about this.”

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I am wondering if anyone is using Slack anymore / with our new situation? My team has been using it to great effect and I am curious if there would be interest in moving some of these conversations to Slack (such as what Mike responded to)?

I heard Slack get mentioned somewhere this week, but I forget the context. … That’s probably not too helpful, I imagine. :slight_smile:

I use Discord frequently for connecting to various coding communities, and it’s super helpful. And I’ve used Slack for some projects where a vendor used it. Seems equally helpful.

I’d be up for connecting if someone were to organize and set it up. I wonder about timing? I realize the goal is to help streamline things, but I don’t know if I have the bandwidth to add a communication tool right at the moment. Kind of a Catch 22, for sure. It would certainly help reduce email though, so yeah, I’m a big fan in general.

And that’s awesome that your team is using it! I think a good example like that would help encourage others to try it too.

Another question: I am curious if anyone has a specific set of guidelines along student expectations and digital citizenship they have developed for online learning that they give to students? I want to add something like this to my syllabus but figured I would take Mike’s advice and “Find, don’t make”

Yea, that was my super passive way of saying people should try it if they are having difficulties communicating with their teams!

I’ve heard teachers share that the new influx of emailing is hard to follow but on slack it feels a bit easier to stay up to date and you don’t have to send emails like “sounds good” that make the thread even longer and harder to follow. Just putting it out there for any interested parties. Feel free to message me if you want to know more.

Humm… @pabennett Do you think there is something we might use or adapt from NSO?

Hello, Can I learn a little bit more? I’m curious what grade you are looking for on the digital citizenship inquiry? I would like to help find something that has already been created. If you are looking for high school citizenship, we might have something useful. A few years ago, I created a political portfolio learning unit that might need updating, but it covers several citizenship concepts. Let me know. I can also check with NSO curriculum.

I am teaching 7-12th grade. Primarily I am looking for material on responsible use of internet with regard to communication with peers and teachers, setting appropriate online boundaries, having a healthy relationship with technology itself, and understanding that what they do online sticks around.

“Primarily I am looking for material on responsible use of internet with regard to communication with peers and teachers, setting appropriate online boundaries, having a healthy relationship with technology itself, and understanding that what they do online sticks around.”

Mark this as resolved-thanks @pabennett and Jon Fila. The student orientation course on the landing page of courses.dist287.org has some great resources on “Netiquette”