Digital Badging

I’m curious if anyone is already using badging in the classroom. If so what do you use and how do you implement it? I’m especially curious about badging as a way of tracking skills/standards progress in Project Based Learning.

We have a couple of NSO teachers using it (but it hasn’t really taken off) and I have tested it out on the site. Both are connected to the Mozilla Open Badge project if it’s something we want students to carry with them after their time with us or for PD purposes.

A lot of times people give them out for finishing particular units, but Mike and I talk quite a bit about using them for skills that aren’t necessarily assignment related because that’s what the scores are for. We talk about using them for soft skills, or students that help others with questions. If it is something you’d like to play with we can make sure it’s open for you on that site.

I’m interested in badging or microcredentials, too, as a possibility for Makerspace. I’ve looked into Credly as a way to create and hand out badges, but haven’t started yet…

Here’s what we have access to now:

These will push to the Mozilla Open Badge Project:

This is a timely conversation as our Strategy 1 PBL discussed badging for these exact purposes yesterday. I would love to follow up with you @hmcushing and @AWilsonVazquez. We talked specifically about openbadges, credly, and synergy and how we can incorporate badging.

Bumping this thread back up just to share Badgr. This is the latest iteration of Mozilla Backpack / Open Badges. It has quite a bit of customization and works within Moodle.