DAPE app help

Any ideas on an app or program I can use for DAPE students with communication needs?

Currently I have a powerpoint made on my ipad. The student can touch an image of a gross motor skill (lets say catching a ball) and when the student touches that picture it opens up a new slide with a short gif of someone catching a ball.

Powerpoint works just fine but finding gifs of gross motor skills is much harder than it sounds and incredibly time consuming. Any ideas or know of any apps out there that could do this?

Or maybe if there are ways to create our own gifs of gross motor skills to use?


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I would highly suggest that you connect with AnnMarie Bailey. She is well versed in apps that may be helpful.
adbailey@district287.org You may also want to connect with Kate Hanagan. She works directly with students that
may have these type of challenges. Her email is: mkhanagan@district287.org

Good luck, Will Wheelock

Hi! Check out Exercise Buddy.
It looks promising! Has some gross motor skills pictures on it. It looks like you have to subscribe to it Google it first. It can take you to the app, but I found it is only available for the Ipad as I couldn’t find it when I searched on my phone. It’s crazy expensive though-$30. But, you could try for 2 weeks free online and maybe come up with a few ideas to create something?

If you are looking for gifs for some basic exercises vs gross motor sport skills, check out
-Swork it kids (free app), also have adult version
-Spark People (has animated pictures of exercises)

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-Sworkit Kids app (free!)
-Spark People: http://www.sparkpeople.com/
You can sign up for free and has a huge library of exercises and programs that are easy to follow
I can share a library of them I have if you are interested!
-7 Minute Workout for kids app (free!)

I have played around with some of my own gifs for student specific DAPE exercises, but it is time consuming.

Please feel free to connect with me further on this idea! I’m an itinerant PT and like this stuff!