CRT and The Brain Book Study

Hi all,

Several PLCs within Care and Treatment are reading through CRT and the Brain by Zaretta Hammond and are considering its implications for classroom practice. I would love for this thread to be a reference for other teachers and leaders interested in "how to best use this resource to support professional development, change in practice and positive student outcomes. " (credit: @Dani_Berry)

I plan on using the study guide to prompt discussions for our PLC, in particular I like the pre-reading questions for each chapter that help individuals develop a better understanding of their own ideas and questions about CRT.

I am curious to hear what others have done with the book, why they would be interested in reading the book and even where/how the book could be improved.
Please share below!


Hey all, I am wondering if any of you have some good suggestions for how to maybe start a group off, but not in a way that they group sees you as the facilitator of all the book talks. My PLC is just getting started and I am wanting to start off purposefully so that the planning/preparation for discussions feel more balanced than just me leading them, etc. Let me know if you’ve done anything that has worked in this regard.
Jake, thanks for sharing that study guide!

I ran into this exact problem. Every PLC meeting everyone comes in and is expecting me to have some sort of extra insight into the chapters since I am the ‘facilitator’ but I know just as much as them.

I am considering assigning/having individuals sign up to be leaders for each chapter so it feels more communal.