Creativity in the Classroom

I wanted to follow up on the ‘Joy’ factor discussed at TIES by sharing about Dean Sharesky’s other session called ‘Five Minutes of Creativity’

Here are the google doc notes from the session.

I really enjoyed the ‘PechaFlickr’ website for improving around a topic. It pull random images from Flickr (with filtering) and creates a presentation / slideshow which you will have to riff on.

I am curious what other techniques or strategies people have been using to get kids to be more creative (Bonus points if it pertains to the science classroom).

I went to a cool speaker at TIES about getting more creativity into the classroom by Dean Shareski. He shaared some cool resources and talked about the importance of creativity. One question he posed was should creativity be assessed. He brought up doing more self reflection and peer assessment. Here is a link to the Google Doc from the conference. If anyone else has ideas or ways to ignite creativiy in the classroom feel free to share.

I just posted on this too! :slight_smile: