Creating District Site Apps using Infiniteach

I was talking to Troy K( OT at NEC this morning and he had an interesting idea about creating an app for each site (NEC, SEC, etc) that family, staff , and students could use to navigate through the building and their school day. He gave me an example of an app that was created for the minnesota zoo []( by an accessibility friendly company based out of chicago called Infiniteach I have an e-mail out to infiniteach to see how much the cost would be to use their platform to build and app(I know app development can cost a great deal). Has any one in the district tried this before?

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Here is the response that I got from Infiniteach as far as cost to build an app on their platform. Lower than custom building an app, but still costly:

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for reaching out, and we’re so excited to hear you like the MN Zoo app! Y

You’re right in that the app is built on a platform (vs a custom built app), which definitely makes it much more cost effective. The base price starts at $2400/year + a one-time customization/set-up cost that starts about $12000.

Interesting development on this . The developer for this app just happens to be related to one of our teachers that use to work here. We will see where this goes!

I had a staff ask about creating a guide with tips and strategies for new staff, subs or when we cover a different classroom. She thought it’d be best organized by student behavior/diagnosis/label. And there should be a way for experienced staff to share their knowledge. She was willing to collect the strategies/tips, but she’s been looking to innovation to share the information in a user-friendly way.

We thought an wiki-app would be great, but that’s as far as we’ve gotten… Such great potential here! Thanks for the updates, too!!!

Thanks Sarah for what you said. Most of the ideas that you shared are similar to what Troy had envisioned also. I agree that I also think that there is a lot of potential here. Lets talk more about this on Thursday at the Innovation Coaches meeting.

This is a really interesting topic.

Not really with the same focus on education but more on location tracking. I thought I mention this.

When we installed our wireless network from Aruba, they offered a location tracking service. But we didn’t think there would be any use for it in our environment so we didn’t investigate further.

They offered an add-on component that provides turn-by-turn directions for guests. A live map type of feature, if you download the Aruba Beacon app to your phone. It will show with a big dot were you are on our map.

Just the plain wireless service that we are using today from Aruba can track any wireless user down to about 5-10ft in our buildings. Attached a sample map from WEC.

The Beacon feature and the turn-by-turn directions is something we do not have/use today mainly because it’s cost prohibitive. Around $10000 list price, with education licensing we might get it down to $5000. But I thought I mention it as it would be easier to implement from a technical perspective as it would use the equipment we already have installed in our buildings for location tracking.

I thought I mention this as it is adjacent to what you describe. I’d be more than happy to ask an Aruba rep come out to describe their offering in more detail if you are interested.

Thanks Jonas for the information on Aruba. It is much more cost effective ($5,000), and would work with the systems we already have. I will talk it over with the other innovation coaches tomorrow at the meeting, and see where we go want to go with this. Thanks again, and I will let you know if /when we want the Aruba rep to come out.

Is this the android app? Aruba Utilities