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Pictures or symbols to choose from or to use as a reminder of the possible answers. Would uploading a sample help?


I don’t think that’s necessary. What you are asking for is possible. You can upload audio, images, video to questions and answers. You can also set up a quiz that will offer hints to students (this requires specific settings). If you want to send one so you know what it will look like I can set one up for you.

Quizzes are one of my favorite features, but they take some time to set up. In my opinion, it’s well worth the time because of what you end up saving, the interactivity and the inclusion of personalized feedback and multiple attempts.


The H5P content is something I really want to explore. For the next update with the 287 Driver’s training course, I would really like to use the hotspot tools for things like locating parts under the hood. I wanted to try it out this year but couldn’t due the the time constraints for it to be done.

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Yeah, this is kind of more like what I was thinking. I looked through the nuts and bolts but it still leaves me kind of lost since I’m not sure what questions I should be asking. Thank you for articulating what I was not able to!


I’m trying a new thing. When I get a Moodle question more than once, rather than just answer the question, I’m trying to make a quick tech tip for it.

Here’s today’s:
Is My Moodle Course Visible to Students?


I do this too. It drastically cuts down on the number of questions I receive per year. I’ve also been taking the time to supplement directions whenever I find myself making the same kinds of comments. I give more examples; tell them what is not acceptable in a response; remind them of previous content that should help with those answers. I’ll even flat out tell them the answer and tell them that the answer isn’t what’s import but why that is the answer and why it’s important is, and they should write about that.

I feel like my current version of English 12 is pretty close to approximating how I would deliver the content in the classroom and now what’s left is for me to actually have conversations with them via feedback and email. And that is what’s most fun about it anyway.

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There’s been an update to our LMS again!

Participants page, this now combines the Participants and Enrollment pages where it may be more useful for you to add students to courses.

There are new buttons in the default editor that will allow students to record themselves with audio or video to insert into submissions (this will work for teachers creating pages too, just not for assignment feedback).

There is also a new grading tool where you can paste student work into your comments and then select predetermined feedback that will display a little better for students and maybe save time for people like me, that grade a lot of written work. These buttons will be at the bottom of the editor.

I have installed something called HTML+ that will clean up the HTML when you toggle to that and display the HTML with color tags and make it easier to read/fix/edit.

I re-enabled the assignment summary preview so that it will look like the first few lines of a submission are repeated. While it may look like a bug, I will often assign word count requirements in assignments and this will allow that to display on the submission page. It will help save graders like me time that I would have been highlighting the submission and running statistics on the selection.

Please let me know if you have any special requests that you wish our LMS would do and I will continue to look into new features.


Aside from the changes listed above, you may notice a few other changes to the site. These have been made for accessibility purposes and you can read more about what those are and why they were made.

This is one of the major reasons why we suggest using our LMS to host your content above Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, etc. Other systems aren’t quite there yet when it comes to accessibility and we are able to make these changes to our own system where the developer cannot.


Oh, exciting! I’ve made a note to check this out. I’m still using Google Voice for assignments, and that works well. However, this would be simpler and simpler is better.


I’ve also noticed that the participants view has a column for groups, and that you can edit student groups from this column. That’s super handy!


Yes, the enrollment and participants pages have now been combined. The tricky part that it appears some are missing now is that they are forgetting to save choices before moving on. If you don’t click save after you select a role or a group then they will not be saved when you navigate away.


Big improvement changes to the style of the site for clarity of navigation, accessibility and style.

Let me know if you experience any issues of have any specific requests for us to consider.

NSO & OERMN Moodle site changes will likely occur at the end of May.


Took a quick look. It’s definitely cleaner looking and more visually appealing.


Thanks, Matt McCrorey and I spent some time this afternoon testing but it’s possible that there are unintended consequences to some of the styles so please reach out if there are any issues.

Major updates:

  • Topic Summaries no longer include extraneous information about which modules are in each topic (you would have had to open each to view them anyway, we kept it down to actual progress data);
  • Navigational elements are more distinct (Previous & Next navigation, as well as navigation between topics and Lessons are much clearer);
  • Redundant dropdown menus removed;
  • Footer removed extraneous information;
  • Navbar elements reduced;
  • Button classes are more standardized;

Many of the changes you may not even notice but they improve site accessibility for color contrast, text size, spacing, etc.

Last but not least…We ditched the orange!

There are some additions to the text editor that will be the subject of a later post. We will soon have the ability to load templates for accessible tables, columns, YouTube embedded and more. We are getting much better at this with the addition of some new staff for instructional design and we challenge each other to push what we are capable of. There are some very exciting projects in the works and having an LMS that can adapt to our needs is a big part of what will make them possible.

There may be minor tweaks as we continue to test.


Also, check out some new features in the text editor.
Snippets: Allow you to select an item from a menu and it prompts you for the relevant information and then displays and embeds the element you choose. Current items include:

  • YouTube embed
  • Embed Google Doc/Slides/Sheets/Drawing
  • Blockquote
  • Call out box
  • Nav Tabs
  • Click/Reveal
    Video tutorial coming soon…

Templates also offers you the ability to select a 2 column view on your page to increase the readability of longer text selections. Right now, I’m experimenting with different types of tables as well, but I’m not sure where those will land yet.

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Okay, by popular demand, I’ve made a video that walks users through some of the initial Snippet options for our LMS.


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After talking with students and teachers most seem to agree that the new Moodle Courses update has too much white-space. The page that you are interacting with just bleeds into the background since it’s all white.


Are you talking about the spacing between items on the main course page? I think we can look at tweaking that. If you are not, can you post a screenshot of what you mean?

In many cases, what we have now is going to highlight some design issues with the content itself that will need to be addressed. There are also new options like using columns on pages for readability.


Yep, the spacing between all items on a page. NSO courses still have a grayed out background which makes the pages more distinct. Here is an example of what a student would see on one of our courses sites:

There is just a whole lot of white space surrounding content and the actual Moodle page versus an NSO page where the pages are more distinct from the background, header and footer:


Got it. I have reduced the space between elements on the main page and have given a background color to help distinguish between page elements. Let me know what you think.