Consumables/Science budget

So, I was just wondering what everyone out there is doing in terms of labs for science classes? Do you or does your site have a budget for consumables or are you just not really performing any lab activities? I just wonder because it seems like most schools/districts have at least some money set aside to purchase lab consumables every year but we do not. This has actually been a massive obstacle in terms of working on project based classes as well. How can we perform projects if we don’t have the materials to work with? I guess I’m asking, does anyone out there have a science/makerspace/PBL budget or is it all either out of pocket or grant funds?

It should not be out of pocket. If it does not come out of your program funds, I would submit a proposal to Jon Voss about what you need. In many programs, it depends on what the setting will allow for.

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Rob, I did a quick bit of checking around on this. At NEC, special education classrooms got a small budget for the year for consumables and materials of $100 for the year (actual items purchased have to be pre-approved). The “specialists” in our building (Art, Culinary, Makerspace) also got a budget for materials that I think is sourced from contributions from the budgets of the different special education programs in the building (Again, all the stuff they buy has to be preapproved but there is some money set aside for them). Our ALC Science teacher gets one or two chances per year I think to stock up on chemicals and other stuff for the lab, and then she gets an order of fetal pigs for dissection in the spring.

Agreed. You should also start by discussing with your supervisor to ensure they’re aware as well, and they may even have budget for this.

I thought most of the high schools I worked in had a budget for things like chemistry and art classes, which would be expected to have higher consumable costs.

Nancy Albrecht - C & T is doing some great work with her students in dissection if you want to reach out to her.

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I know we don’t have a set budget for consumables but the teaching team I work with at Headway North is understanding that for science I often need to purchase more things so when I need them I talk with the team and usually don’t have an issue because we keep that in mind when we plan out budget.