Coding and Math class

At SECA, we (me and @Matthew.Ahlberg) have a student that needs to finish math credits and is interested in computer programming as a career. Is anyone aware of resources that would provide practice with coding activities / curriculum and also meet some math standards? We would love to provide opportunities that have real-world value for this student while moving them towards graduation.

Leslie - connect with @AWilsonVazquez , she leads the Minnesota Coding in the Classroom Cohort and I’m sure she will have ideas!

Hi Leslie -
I might suggest starting by having your student take a look at the following page - it’s filtered to display self-directed coding activities for high school students that are aligned with math concepts:

I am also putting together some other ideas and resources for integrating computer science and coding into any curricular area and will add them to this spreadsheet (which I’ve made open so that anyone can view or edit):

Let me know if these are helpful or if they’re not quite what you’re looking for - I’d be happy to brainstorm with you and dig into some other resources and ideas!


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I took a look at the standards listed on the Hour of code website and it looks like it would take quite a while before the students begin doing any, what I would consider, Algebra 2 level stuff like parabolas, exponential growth and decay, logarithms, to name a few. Is this correct? What are some ways of getting a student to be reaching Alg. 2 level math when they are still learning the basics of coding and programming?

I’m sure you’re right - the more complex math concepts are probably introduced in later lessons for the self-guided activities in order to ease students into new coding/programming concepts.

I have been curating a list of other coding in math resources and have noticed that other self-paced math might have more opportunities for students to jump into more complex math faster, such as this resource in which the student could choose one or two from each coding category to get the gist of the given computer science construct before moving onto the next. It looks like parabolas and graphing linear equations and functions come about 5-6 steps in, but the first few steps will likely be pretty simple for the student to practice, grasp and move on.

One other idea is to look on the Scratch coding platform for projects related to specific Algebra 2 concepts. You could ask the student to try out a few projects related to parabola graphing, for example, and then (after allowing the student to do an intro project or two in Scratch) either remix one of the existing projects to change something about it or add new functionality (such as this linear equation graphing project) or create their own project that demonstrates their understanding of an Algebra 2 concept (see this sample project)

Let me know your thoughts - I’d love to do more brainstorming or help in any way!