Chrome's new "Deep Linking" feature

Google released Chrome 80 recently, and one of the new features is the ability to create links to arbitrary text on a web page.

For example, here’s a link to a particular paragraph about cats:

The minimum that needs to be done is adding #:~:text= to the URL, followed by the text you want to highlight. If you’d like to ready the nitty-gritty techy details, click here.

There are some privacy concerns with this, though I’m not sure I fully grasp the worry. The Register has a typically snarky story about the new feature, including discussion of the privacy worries.

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Classic. None of my links work. I’m too sick to try and figure out why, so I’ll just say I’ve “left that as an exercise for the reader”. :rofl:

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Let me know what you find. On one hand I can see this being useful to direct students to particular sections of a page, but on the other, I struggle with removing the context that sometimes comes with getting to the place.