Chromebook Free Onlines Games

I’m looking for appropriate free online games for Middle/High school students to play on their Chromebook during free-time.

Hi Randy. I have a couple thoughts on ways for students to use earned free time or tech time in order to put some structure and intention behind it.

One thing you could try with them are Coding games and activities. is a great place to start. @AWilsonVazquez might have other recommendations as far as coding games that are online. A lot of them are free up to a point and then there’s some kind of paywall, but all the stuff on is free.

TinkerCAD is a fun (fully free) site where kids can make 3D designs. Your students could make things and potentially print them using the 3D Printer in Makerspace.

Prodigy is a free online adventure game that incorporates math practice. This might be geared more towards elementary & middle school.

(Dovetailing with another thread on here) - has a section of games for students to practice their typing skills.

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but a few ideas anyway!

Thank you Ben. These are some of what I was looking for. I want games which are enjoyable and challenging in which students can build skills during their free tech-time. In addition, any fun games which are for pleasure and are school appropriate would be helpful too.

As a reward for getting work done, the students just want to have fun sometimes and they baulk at games that they perceive are educational.