Change Forum Username

Is it possible to change your username?


  1. Click on your avatar in the top right.
  2. Select your silhouette and name to access your profile.
  3. On your profile, select the Preferences tab.
  4. Click the pencil (edit) icon beside your username.
  5. Save changes.

Hmm. . . Tried that before but there isn’t a pencil next to my username:

Mike and Scott,

I notice that there is a site-wide setting for username changes:
“username change period
The number of days after registration that accounts can change their username (0 to disallow username change).”

If I understand this correctly, all users can modify their usernames for 3 days after initial account creation. If we modify this to 1000 I suspect it would allow Scott to update his username.

I don’t know if there is anything negative in bumping this value up.



Ah, nice find, Jonas! Thank you!

I’ve set it to 1000, and when I log in as Scott now, I can now change his name. I couldn’t do that before.

Oddly, I have a test account (JohnDewey) that I created when I first created the board, and I had the ability to change my username on that account even with the 3-day limit. Not sure why that would be the case, as it’s just a basic user account.

But in any case, issue solved! Thanks again Jonas!


I could see this being an issue if it were to be 1000

60 or even 90 days


Ah, another good find.

I’ve set it to 60 days instead of 1000.