Captioning Your Videos (and video descriptions)

I’ll add some other options for video captioning later, but since more often than not, you’ll be uploading videos to YouTube and captioning them there. The easiest way for you to do this is to edit the auto-transcribed captions:

If you wanted to edit any of it, you could go to the video, click Edit Video and then select Subtitles/CC at top. On that page you can click on English/Automatic, click edit and change any of the words that YouTube missed.

Another option is to select English and then type as YouTube plays the videos. As you type the video pauses so you can stay caught up. This is the option I would select if you only had a video that was a couple minutes.

The other option is to upload a SRT file that has the timings embedded. For this file, I would pay to do it as they only charge $1 per minute and get the files back to you within minutes or hours (never more than a day).

The other thing to consider for Blind and Visually Impaired (BVI) users, is the text file for video descriptions. If you find that you have made video where the visual information conveyed is more than just the audio, blind users will be missing out. YouTube allows for the upload of audio description. Here’s an example of how that would sound:

There are also options for uploading caption files to Google Drive and videos uploaded to Moodle. I’ll work on getting some videos made for those options as well.