Building a School Library

At Headway we are trying to get more books for our students to be able to read throughout the day. We want to build a in school library that kids can check out books throughout the day. We are especially looking for free or cheap options to getting books.


Some thoughts. . .

  • I have a box (and maybe two or three) that you can certainly have or sort through.
  • I would connect with Berit Allison at NEC’s library. She may have books that get pulled for the NEC system
  • Half price books
  • Let’s connect and talk more
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That would be awesome!! Let me know when you find out more and how I can pick up any books.

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Our English teacher has a table outside her room full of books she’s trying to unload. I am sure she wouldn’t mind handing them over to you! Email me and maybe we can setup an exchange.

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