Build reading stamina in 10 minutes a day - ReadWorks

“Practice? We talkin about practice?” . . . . Yes, we are talking about practice. Independent reading practice.

Why practice? This builds and reinforces skills. I know, pretty straight-forward. However, this is tough because many of our students can struggle with even 15 seconds of independent reading.

And that’s okay. It’s a starting point. Start with 15 and work your way up! This isn’t an overnight fix.

Regardless, Here is a resource to help work your way up: “ReadWorks Article-A-Day”


I was curious about the research behind reading stamina. In the process of digging into that, I stumbled onto this Teaching Stamina and Silent Reading report. It seems quite good, and touches a lot on this thread’s topic.

I haven’t read the whole thing yet, and the findings are nuanced, but so far it’s been informative.