Blindspot Chapter 4 Questions

Choose one of these topics and respond:

  • How can we be more intentional in taking moments to pause throughout the day for thinking breaks to be more aware of our biases?

  • Page 62 How can we overcome our automatic and negative reactions? What qualifiers do we give to explain context?

  • Would you take the race IAT?

(Thanks for the questions Janet)

Q3 - I have and I would again.

I heard someone talking on the radio about how asking yourself, “How would I treat this person if they were my own family member?” helped them a lot to get past their fear and reluctance.

For me, I used that a lot in teaching when things got really busy. It gets so easy to half-answer questions and not really listen to students when time gets compressed in busy days. I’d often remind myself to treat all students as I’d like a teacher to treat my own child.

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