🏀 March Madness District 287 Bracket 🏀

Our bracket is LIVE! Woot!

I’ve sent everyone who posted here an email invitation from Yahoo as well as a link to your District 287 email addresses.

Alternatively, this link should work as well:
Join the District 287 Awesome Bracket.

For those of you out there still on the fence, it’s not too late! Join the fun and see if you can beat Lea Dahl, the most awesome baskeball genius!

And just a reminder.

The deadline is Thursday, March 16 by 11:00am :clock11: to join and get your picks in. That’s an official Yahoo deadline, and so is set in STONE.

Bumpity bump, as tomorrow (Thursday) at 11:00am is the deadline.

For the record, I ran into Lea Dahl today and she was boasting that she was going to get all 63 picks correct.

I think Lea and I will not be close to each other in the rankings… I had to go with the Zags getting knocked out early

Unfortunately, the conversation is now about a top player being injured…

I’m set up. My name says Bill because I used my dad’s yahoo account, so I wouldn’t have to create one.

I’m pretty sure I guessed all of the outcomes correctly.

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A little adversity makes for an even better tournament fairy tale!

We must have the same picks then. :slight_smile:

We’re live in 15 minutes! Good luck everyone.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot…

In addition to eternal bragging rights, the winner will receive this exquisite hardware, for positioning in a prominent place in your workspace:

There is a big “V” on his chest, for VICTORY.

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Let the record show that at the end of the first day I was on top!

(I expect to spend today reverting towards the mean)


I’m not last!

Wait. Must remember Growth Mindset.

I’m not last … yet!

Go, SECA! (Jon, we can count you as SECA, right?)

I think our Jon is Jon Voss, not Jon Fila.

Oh, oops. :flushed:

I thought I was a genius there with my Michigan pick. Then Duke lost, aaaaaaaaaand I’m busted.

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I’m thankful that my son isn’t in this group. He’s currently in 14th place in an ESPN bracket with 800,000 people.

He has 15 of of his 16 sweet 16 picks correct, and picked correctly all 16 second round games. If South Carolina had lost to Marquette in the first round, he’d have a perfect sweet 16 bracket.

Wow, that’s awesome.

Yeah, it was freaky in an alternate universe sort of way. Some teams he needed to win were losing by quite a bit. As soon as he turned on the TV they’d mount a comeback and win.

He’s pretty excited about it.

He’s kicking himself about South Carolina though. Apparently there are only something like 15-16 brackets in the country—out of millions—that got perfect Sweet 16 rounds, and he missed it by one pick.

Now it gets serious. The hardware has arrived:

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Seriously? That’s an actual thing, not just a picture you pasted in here?