🏀 March Madness District 287 Bracket 🏀

Join now! All are welcome!
Join the District 287 Awesome Bracket.

2017 Players
Jon Voss

Replying here

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Awesome! It’d be great if we get 8+ people. :grin:

Yes. Me.

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Woot! One of us. One of us.

I only count as 1 person but I am in. :grinning:

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Most excellent! Welcome!

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I’m in too!

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I’m in

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Nice! Welcome Emily and Jake!

We’re gaining MOMENTUM! :slight_smile:


Count me in!

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Go Gonzaga!

Woot! Welcome Lea! Glad you’re one of us, one of us.

March is knocking on the door, and things are taking shape. For anyone else out there reading this, be brave and jump into the fun! I know more about ancient Mesopotamian pottery than I do about college basketball. You don’t have to know anything about college basketball to be part of the fun! Don’t let “I don’t know anything about college basketball” stop you!

I’ll set this up on Yahoo in the next few days, and will post details here. Selection Sunday is March 12, and we’ll be able to pick our brackets shortly after that.

Entry deadline (set by Yahoo): March 16, 11:15 CST


Go Gophers! We are back in the conversation this year. Ski-U-Mah!


Liam Baucom is in: SECA LA Teacher extraordinaire…

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Most awesome! Welcome welcome!

Too late to join?

Plenty of time to sign up! Welcome welcome! I’ll add your name.

I won’t close it off until the very last minute possible, so probably it can stay open for another week or so? I’ll post information here once I’ve got the Yahoo thing set up.

5 days till picks open, still plenty of time to sign up. Don’t be shy. All you can lose is your pride.

I’ve set up the bracket online and will be sending out email invites later this week.


I’ll send out invitations to everyone this evening!

Check your spam folder.