Audible Accounts for Schools?

Do any of our schools have Audible accounts for use by their students? Would it even be possible to have a school account and log in? We are working on our classroom libraries with our literacy coaches, and many teachers at SECA have been asking about audiobooks. It would be great to be able to find a way to do this, so I thought I would test the waters here.

I don’t know anything about using audible in schools, but I hear about getting a free book in various podcasts. I’d be happy to donate my free book if we had a way to do that…

I have a lot of teachers ask me about audio books on a regular basis. A few resources:

There will be a number of good free audiobooks to download this summer here.

The public library! I believe you can check out up to 15 digital audiobooks at a time from the Hennepin County Library with an easy to get organizational library card.

Thanks, Eve and Leslie! I personally use the library’s audiobooks all the time for myself and my family. It is a real challenge to have students use the system because of fines and fees that are associated with their cards. (I will call the library, though, to see if that has an impact on digital holds.)

Digital loans return themselves automatically when due, so that might help circumvent your problem.


Let me see if Amazon has Audible available to schools. I’ll post back here with whatever I find.

Hi Beth,
I’ve reached out to our Amazon rep to see if they have an Audible program available for public education.

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Thanks, Chad!

That’s awesome, Chad! I look forward to hearing what they say!

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Hi Beth,
Our Amazon rep asked what use cases you have and the age of students? I could see this being used in many places but wanted your insights, and of course, anyone else’s on the forum.

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Hi everyone - just jumping on this thread, as I am working with a few teachers at WEC who are using the free Audible stories with students now are are really hoping to continue using Audible with students into the future. Has there been any movement on the Amazon Audible accounts for schools?

Thanks so much!!
@Chad_Maxa @Beth_Kowski

Unfortunately, Amazon does not appear to be interested in moving this forward at this time. I have made about five attempts to no avail.

Thanks for trying to get it done, Chad!