Article: Districts Can Better Support Teachers of Color

Using 2019 Diversity Report to Show Districts How They Can Better Support Teachers of Color


The “If You Listen, We Will Stay” report was definitely intriguing. The cultural funds of knowledge phrase they used in the report was particularly helpful for me as it pushes me to think more critically about the spirit of the term, “funds of knowledge.”

I would agree, hiding part of one’s identity as an educator of color is a critical variable in retention. A lack of a familial connection with others would undoubtedly lead me to hide parts of myself…and then I would also hide parts of myself because I would not want to initiate any discomfort for others and strain relationships even further…and then I would worry so much that others would feel guilty about my lack of connection with them and do extra to reach out to make me feel comfortable, that I would ironically “hide” even more of myself during the very moments that they were reaching out until I could trust the nature and intent of the outreach the were “deploying” to make me feel comfortable in the first place.

All during that time, the invisible tax (cultural taxation), placed on the invisible labor becomes more costly without a family to share in the expense. Perhaps the surfacing of these stories helps in understanding how to form the connections and trust the nature of the connections needed to retain educators of color. Thanks for sharing, Glazell.