App Request Procedure at District 287

I thought it would be good to create a topic for discussion on the app request process currently in place in the District. Feel free to add your thoughts, comments, and suggestions!

For reference, here’s Will Wheelock’s video explaining the process:

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Last year, I made a one page overview in Docs that was shared with SEC. Let’s see if I can share it with you all… Let me know if they link doesn’t work.

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The only thing that seems to be goofy…is that part about notifying the supervisor. We’ve been doing that in an email at the same time we request the app. It seems like that’s where it’s more complicated than it needs to be…The hold up is usually that piece. Is there a way that the supervisors could automatically get the info without us adding the same info to an email?

Diane - from a recent conversation with Mike, I think the kind folks at tech reach out to admin seeking approval as part of the process - I didn’t get the feeling that this had to be done separately. I’m not saying this isn’t a sticking point, but the request should be sufficient to get the ball rolling. An email reminding your admin to look for the email asking for approval might not be the worst idea??? how’s that for seamless???

I’ll have Kim Helgeson see if she can streamline or clarify this part of the process.

As an option, we can always add things to Will’s article on the 287 Tech Tips blog too.

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Yep, tech has been fantastic, but we did find that if we emailed the supervisor at the same time we requested/filled out the form with the “app” cue in the subject line, our supervisor just added yes/no to the email and forwarded it to tech. It works great. I was just hoping that google forms could automatically notify an admin address if included on the form. I just want google forms to do it for us. Wishful thinking, maybe some day :slight_smile: We are eternally grateful for whoever is doing this in the tech department, it’s a tough and somewhat thankless job… their efforts are much appreciated!


I wonder if we might be able to create a script for this? @jmzimbric

That can definitely be done. I’d have to see the form (and response sheet) but that is a perfect Google apps script project

Under ‘Tools’ there is a built in ‘Notification rules…’, but they’d have to be owners on the form, and I doubt there is a function to notify specific supervisor based on location, but I’ve never tired.

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