Any interest in Statistics for the Social Sciences?

We just got access to a Flash based course that is in working order and can be made more Moodle friendly if there is interest in this course.

Please ask any Math and Social Studies teachers you know if they would be interested in a Statistics for Social Sciences course. Reminds me of one I took in college so it might be a little beyond what we need. I’m hesitant to turn down free stuff so I took it and installed one for review :wink:

Hey Jon, can you share with me? I’d love to see what they’ve done. I’ve got a pet interest in this topic - I used to teach it at the U.


Jon and Ben, where has this evaluation lead?

It is not a course we’d offer for high school most likely. It is not accessible and would take a significant amount of work to make it accessible. Unless there is a demand for this topic, it will likely sit lonely and unused. On the upside, NROC members might still do something with it. I was the only one to get it loaded into Moodle it seems and they requested my backup as well as to learn how I did it. It’s in their hands now.