Any Arduino users out there?

So, I just picked up an Arduino kit that has tons of great sensors, led’s, an Arduino Uno board, and equipment for less than $25. I was thinking that these kits could be phenomenal to use in a STEM or STEAM classroom and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Arduino? It seems like the possibilities could be endless and the cost is so minimal that a class set would not break the budget.

I haven’t used them before but have a few friends who have played with them. I was looking into picking some up for my classroom as well. Maybe we can have a two person user group?

Maybe @AWilsonVazquez has some resources too?!

Sounds like a plan. Like I said, seems like an untapped low-cost but effective resource for our classes. I tried out the basic “blink” program on my computer but I want to try it out with the Chromebooks to make sure it works and doesn’t require administrative privileges to install software or set up the USB output.

I picked one up a while back but have to confess that I haven’t done much with it. I’d like to be in the user group if you’re looking to expand membership. :slight_smile:

Count me in on the Arduino user group!

I have worked with Arduino before and think they are awesome, however I am definitely not an expert! I have some resources I can share and also know of a few contact people who might be willing to come into the classroom to mentor on Arduino. We purchased 4 Arduino kits for our Makerspace last year and students seemed to enjoy the beginning labs, but had a harder time with some of the more complex projects. I’d love to work together to create some scaffolded activities to help students who want to build their own creative Arduino projects after they do some intro lessons.

Great! I have some real student interest in programming and the ability to use the kits to create projects requiring sensor inputs. What I was thinking is that we need to break the learning down into thoroughly teaching the interpretation of code on the easier projects. Right now, even when I am looking at the basics the instructions seem to be more of a “this is what you do” rather than a “why.” Kind of like knowing “cd” in DOS stands for “change directory.” Knowing what the command actually stands for makes it much easier to use.

I’ve been learning coding for the past couple of years. Unfortunately, there is a lot of this out there. There is tremendous room for improvement pedagogically in the field of coding instruction.

The good thing is that there are more and more good cases of instruction out there as well.

I endorse the use of Arduinos as a form of experiential education. I wish we had them when I was teaching. We would make boxcars out of wood with knives.

So, some of my students and I were just trying out the arduino on the chromebooks and it looks like there are some major roadblocks. You can’t create sketches and upload them on the chrome os without buying a subscription to a service like codebender. It would appear that the licensing fee is $20/month for up to 50 users and $50/month for a district. I personally don’t like subscription services so this is not a very viable option.

We could use older desktops as long as we could scrounge some together and use the arduino create online editor.

I asked for an old desktop two years ago for this exact reason(letting students have access to more programming environments), and it worked well but then they came and took that old desktop away to replace it with a new chromebox. I wasn’t allowed to keep mine even though it was working fine and performing exactly the functions I requested it for. I am wondering if we even have those types of old computers around anymore?

I actually have one literally sitting on my desk. Its missing a keyboard but other than that it’s all there. I think it works, or maybe it’s just a giant paperweight. This seems like a bigger issue that would need to be tackled by admin. I’m sure it has to do with retiring equipment and selling it in bulk since it technically belongs to the taxpayers. We could run into some other issues along these lines since finding old district computers would blur the lines with finances and auditing and what-not. I haven’t taken the legal or finances admin classes yet, so it’s just a thought, probably wrong.

I’d think we can solve this. How many would you need?