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Anyone know if we can mass add the AdBlock extension to our student chromebooks and chromeboxes, or would we have to add it one by one?

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Humm. I’m wondering why no one has mentioned this before. Just thinking quickly, it would seem to be a good idea. From a technical standpoint, I’d think it would be easy, but maybe @jsjoberg can weigh in on that part.

From a policy standpoint, would there be any negatives?

It is technically feasible to deploy AdBlock district wide or to all staff or all students.

We’ve had these thoughts before and usually end up on the side of not pushing it out mandatory.

The main reasons against is that it could add complexity and could introduce risks that webbased tests would not work right, read180 or similar applications. It might also display pop-ups (Welcome to AdBlock! or AdBlock now updated!) for users which is something we are rather adverse to.

Once a Chrome App has been pushed/deployed it’s rather complex to modify settings in it. So, if anything needed to be configured, adding something to a whitelist or similar, it would not be possible to do after the fact.

Finally, for AdBlockers. There used to be one team that created one large and popular AdBlocker, AdBlock Plus. Now days, the field is more spread out with at least 5 different solutions for Chrome each with it’s pro and con.

So, in the scheme of balance between usability and complexity. My preference would be if users that liked it install and use it but that we do not push it district wide.



Just to clarify, I’m interested in pushing it out to a single site (Epsilon), rather than district-wide (unless people across the district agree that they’re interested). If, as a site, we research and select one of the ad blocking solutions, could we deploy it to all chrome based student devices at our site?

Ah, that makes a lot of sense on the district-wide idea, Jonas. Thanks!

(I’ll let you reply on the site-wide one next.)

@jsjoberg Any update on the site-wide feasibility? The Epsilon team has discussed and we are ready to pick a blocker and move forward if this is a possibility. We are united in our site-wide desire to get ad blocking software on our student computers!

It would be possible to deploy it to all of Care and Treatment.

That would be the way to go. Having one program run it for a few months and if no issues exist then it can be deployed district wide.

I’ll get the ball rolling on getting it implemented and will keep you posted.

Which one did you have in mind? The “AdBlocker” or “AdBlock Plus”? I believe the AdBlock Plus is the larger/most popular of those two.


Rather than deploying it to all of Care and Treatment, would it be possible to deploy it to just Epsilon? That would be our first choice. Otherwise, we can do all of Care and Treatment, but we would need to be able to check with our other sites first.


Currently we do not track Epsilon students separately from other C&T students so it would require some re-engineering.

The most straight forward option to try this out would be to run it for all of C&T.

@lranderson15 @jmzimbric

What do you guys think? Are you interested in having Ad Block software pushed out at the Headways? If not, we’ll find a way to manually add it here at Epsilon.

I collected a list of common websites from our staff and will make sure they work with AdBlock on then let you know. Not at all opposed otherwise. In fact, I highly support this.

Any update? I know this is probably on the bottom of your list right now :slight_smile:

@lranderson15 Do you guys have thoughts on this one? Jan wanted to make sure that it works for all C&T sites before we get the ball rolling.