Accessibility for Digital Content

I’ve been doing a lot more presentations on Accessibility and Design. Here is the latest PD offering that you can take. It only takes about an hour. If you’re looking for CEUs let me know. I’m still developing projects for it that can demonstrate your learning. Now that I’m typing this, I should make a version for the Save Your License area.

Thanks! With my license extended for another year and grad credits under my belt in the last year, no CEU required :slight_smile: I’ll try to get to it after the change in semester. I appreciate the offering!

Yes, I would like to have CEU for this. I have enrolled into it and I will complete it as time permits. Thanks for developing it.

To receive a CEU, I still have to add another assessment. I’ll try to do that today and get it approved (that will take a little more time).

Been years since I checked my Twitter settings. Change Accessibility to add description to images for visually impaired. Settings and Privacy-- >Accessibility, Check Compose image descriptions. #MakeTwitterAccessible Still waiting on #ClosedCaptions for videos.

— Jon Fila (@jontfila) February 16, 2018


(This shows the alt text that a screenreader would show. Ironically, this post is not accessible.)

It also helps you get around the character limit :wink: