5 Strategies for Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning is a topic that some have been interested in on this forum. I recently learned of this new project which was commissioned by EdAllies and written by a Minneapolis teacher who has had a lot of success with Personalized Learning. I really like the way the report covers the 5 approaches and includes some examples of cool classroom anchor charts for facilitating student-driven learning.


That’s a well done article, thanks for sharing it, Ben!

I think we often assume certain approaches to teaching, but stepping back and seeing that big picture can be eye opening and help us make better decisions. That document does a good job of explaining different approaches to learning. Nice stuff.

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Thanks for sharing that, Ben! I am teaching Algebra 1 for the first time (replaced my coaching FTE :cry:) and I think we’re all aware that in an alternative setting, it is not ideal to push through that content in a traditional fashion / format. For me this is a year of trying out different ways to personalize the skills of Algebra 1. I’m already using “EdReady Fridays” but that isn’t addressing some of the major day-to-day issues. Thanks for giving me more tools to explore with.