3D Capture/Printing

I started using 123Dcatch with students this fall, before our 3D printer arrived, but it is no longer available. Has anyone used autodesk Remake or any other 3d image generators that use uploaded photos to generate a 3D image? We are working on scanning fig newtons and apple slices to 3D print to use as tangible symbols for a blind, nonverbal student. Any guidance would be appreciated!

I tweeted this as well…I’ll let you know what I get back…

Thanks! I’m a little nervous about trying another Autodesk product, even with it being free, as several forums note that their products come and go without warning. What hashtag did you tweet it under? I’ll keep an eye out, too.

Autodesk’s Twitter account says they are consolidating the features into other products like Tinkercad. That won’t work for us?

It sounds like they aren’t so much abandoning things as trying to reduce the number of apps they have?

I just tried Autodesk ReMake and it worked well - used iPads to snap photos, transferred photos to laptop, then uploaded to the ReMake suite. A little cumbersome, but free, and nice resolution.

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Here is a great article with some good alternatives to 123D Catch. It’s from 3D Scan Expert. They recommend Autodesk’s: ReCap 360. It doesn’t have a designated app for iOS or Android, but it does have a nice web app that should work well.

Thanks, Scott. I don’t have an android phone at my disposal, but uploading stills using recap has been working moderately well.

Which scanners do you use? We thinking about using education license of Artec 3d scanners. Do you think it worth it, or we’d better look for something else?