287 Instant Pot Users

So in December I got an Instant Pot, and little did I realize that there is a whole cult of people who use these things. I know there are a number of us at District 287 who cook with them, and I thought it might be nice to have a place to share our favorite recipes and meals. So here it is!


Used ours last night to make shredded chicken for tacos! We don’t have an Instant Pot…it’s a regular pressure cooker, but essentially the same thing. We always make extra, then separate, vacuum seal and freeze for quick and easy weeknight meals.

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Speaking of chicken…

I’m trying to make one new thing a week in our Instant Pot. So far this might be my favorite:

Instant Pot Lemon Chicken

All of the recipes from this site have been good so far.

Maybe it’s because I work in a Setting IV EBD program, but it took me a second to put together that “287 Instant Pot Users” was what you intended it to mean. :joy::laughing:

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Favorites so far for mine are hard boiled eggs, (easy to peel) mac and cheese, and Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana. Pinterest is my recipe source.

I made some Minestrone Soup this weekend. It was very good, but needed a little punch to it. I appreciated the ability to just cut everything up, toss it in, and push the button. Super easy.

Haha! Our kids are right there with you. They think it’s hilarious that we have Instant Pot for dinner. Adding to that, our lawn company is called Weed Man. So yeah, there’s that too. :slight_smile:

I’ll have to check out Pinterest for recipes. That’s a good idea, thanks!

You’re not alone. Every time I see this topic pop up with new messages I think the wrong thing first.

Click bait for the win!

Wait, who said I was clicking on it?

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We’ve been using a PRESSURE COOKER (replacement term) for over a year now. One thing I love is that you can do a bone broth in like 3 hours vs. like 2 days on the stove or in a crock pot.

We’ve tried lots of different recipes but what I come back to most often are the really simple things. We have one recipe where you just slice up a bunch of smoked sausages, like kielbasa or something like that, chop up a head of cabbage, and throw it in the PRESSURE COOKER with about a cup of beef broth, a little salt and pepper, on high for like 8 minutes, and then quick release. It sounds overly simple but it’s really good. Another one is just throw a bunch of random vegetables and rice in there, and cook it according to your PRESSURE COOKER’S directions for rice.

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Um, how else could you be posting in here? :sunglasses:

Good question. Here’s how it happens…

I go to the Innovation Forum, look for unread posts and see this one and then I think, “Someone’s posting about pot here? Seriously?” Then I remember that you started this thread about cooking with a pot and then I think, “Wait, people are still talking about cooking with pots?” Then I have to see what is going on. I mean, I like to cook. And then here we are, it’s a mix of confused people and recipes (which is a great combination and much like my kitchen).


This might be my favorite Innovation Forum post ever.

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(I don’t have one, I don’t want one, but…
am I the only one who thinks we need quotes around “instant pot” in the title of this thread?)

If you have the IP with the yogurt function, I highly suggest making your own. My wife and I do all the time, and now I can’t stand the store bought stuff. Whole foods/Amazon sells the starter packs and it’s super easy to do as long as you have a thermometer. A nut milk bag helps to remove the whey (which can be used for many other things including as a starter to make ginger ale). Plus, once you own it you can make your own almond milk with the nut milk bag and a blender/Vitamix.

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Click bait joking aside, I actually didn’t even think of it when I posted the title. But I’ve revised it a bit to make things clearer. :slight_smile:

Do you give lessons?

This website- Instant Pot Yogurt- does a perfect job of explaining the process. It’s really quite simple. The starter culture can be purchased at whole foods or on Amazon. Instead of a liquid thermometer I use a digital IR one. (Easier to use and never need to sterilize it.) I also never bother to wrap the pot in ice packs, it cools off within a reasonable amount of time. Just be sure to set aside an hour or two that you will be home and can check on the process the first time you do it. You quickly can get a feel for how long the whole set up takes. In terms of hands on, this is one of those recipes that only has a few minutes of hands on time and the rest is just waiting for the culture to do its thing. As long as you’ve sterilized everything, the yogurt should keep for several weeks in your fridge without issue.


Thanks Rob! I think I just have to cowboy up and give yogurt a try.

I’m still using my Instant Pot at least once a week. Last week it was Enchilada Soup, which was outstanding and super easy because it involved hardly any cutting at all. It was a great weeknight “dump it in” recipe.

I dig my IP. I have made a very tasty New York Cheesecake. You will need to purchase a spring form pan. I just made French Onion Chicken last night. Got my recipe from a YouTube channel called Pressure Luck. The guy is a little too enthusiastic, but recipes are very doable.

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