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Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Everything Else

For non-education, non-innovation stuff.

Education - Other

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This category is to discuss particular curriculum issues.

Learning Management System

Have any Moodle specific questions? Wish you could make it do something specific? We have quite a bit of control over what we can make it do. It is the most flexible learning management system that there is so the chances are high that we can make it happen.

Coding through Curriculum

Welcome to the Coding through Curriculum sub-forum! This is a public space for educators in the 2018 Summer Coding through Curriculum Cohort to use to facilitate the building process of Coding through Curriculum units. Use this space to share ideas for units, get support, and report progress as you build.

NSO Stuff

For discussions about Northern Star Online related stuff

Conference Share Out

A lot of you go to conferences and you learn things. How about using this space to share what you learned and what you tried based on something you heard there?