Using the Innovation Forum in the Discourse Mobile App


There is a Discourse mobile app in the stores for Android and Apple stores for accessing the Innovation forum.

After installing the app, you can add Discourse forums using the link to the forum ( The link opens up the mobile web version of the site using the in-app browser.

I installed the Android version. Things I’ve noticed:
*As mentioned, it’s the mobile web version opening via the in-app browser
*Links in the email notifications open in the device browser and not the app
*Setup only took a few seconds
*Forum notification section has a clean organization
*Still autosaves while you are typing

It’s nothing fancy but worth checking out of looking for an easy one-click way to track/access the forum from a mobile device. I’ll keep playing around with it.



Most excellent, thanks for checking this out.

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What’s the difference between this and just bookmarking the site within the browser? All the app appears to do for me is create a link to the site that opens in Safari. I still have to log in each time.


Is that just a Safari window? When I open up Safari after opening up the forum with the app, Safari isn’t displaying the Innovation Forum. If it were a link to a Safari window, wouldn’t the forum be open too?

The app isn’t asking me to log in again. It’s doing it automatically.

I like the notifications that get displayed on the app icon, for one.

But yeah, the software in and of itself is pretty mobile friendly.


There really isn’t a huge difference. Using Android, I am having the same experience as Mike on iOS. The app has it’s own browser. I haven’t had to log in, even after installing the app, I just linked to our forum and was there. It may be related to my Google Apps account already being signed in on my device.