Synergy issues and ideas


Why do the pictures in Synnergy take so long to load each time I change classes? Aren’t the pictures stored in a cache for quick loading some how? I find it very slow and time consuming to change classes multiple times per day and have to wait 15-20 seconds each time for pictures to load. Any suggestions?


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Help? Any info on when students can start using StudentVue? It’s week 5 and it’s really important in our ALC setting to have students more aware and owning their progress. In addition we’re having trouble implementing some incentives (besides goal setting).

Hi Leslie:
We are rolling new things out from Synergy as quickly as we can - yet keeping in mind that we have good and accurate things to roll out. So although you might be ready, there may be teachers who are not ready. AND, I’m investigating how this works, how we go about rolling it out, how other districts have done it? What they learned, etc. So YES - we are going to roll out StudentVue/ParentVue with Synergy as soon as we possibly can for the programs where it is appropriate. Thanks for the inquiry and I appreciate your question. Soon - I promise! Sandy Gaulke


Why do the pictures in Synnergy take so long to load each time I change classes? Aren’t the pictures stored in a cache for quick loading some how? I find it very slow and time consuming to change classes multiple times per day and have to wait 15-20 seconds each time for pictures to load. Any suggestions?

Hi Matthew:
I have not heard of this challenge from any other teacher. Are others experiencing this too? What internet browser are you using? Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox ? Not all sites have pictures loaded, yet we are working on making this happen, so we need to get this figured out sooner, rather than later. I’ll ask I.T. if there would be a reason this might happen via Zendesk and will copy you on it. Sandy


Teachers - Are you seeing any reports when hovering over the “Report” button (beside your attendance button) in TeacherVue?


Yes, there are 8 different reports on mine when I hover.


Same here.


Being able to tell my students/staff that we have different programs using the system in different ways is helpful transparency I can share and can help lessen some frustration I’ve seen because they can understand that.

“Soon” might actually be a less helpful update than something like “it could be as long as [x] months” because then at least the ALC programs might invest time in finding work-arounds based on that info or changing strategies in PBIS away from grade/credit based incentives. Anything more pointed or specific about time lines at this point we can use for planning? (Or alternatively, other ideas on ways to get students weekly grade / missing assignment / credit progress updates outside of using StudentVue?)


Another huge issue at EEC is that our itinerant staff can’t access attendance information - it would be really helpful if they could to determine if students they are planning to see are in or out.


Gotta Say, as an itinerant person…I hate that I can’t just call Joyce upstairs and ask if kids are in because it takes her too much time to look them up (I watched her do it and promised never to ask again) and I don’t know how to. Now, walking across the building and upstairs and back down 10 times a day minimum may be good for me, but adding a 10 mile drive and the time it takes to drag stuff in and out…I could do without. Especially during the winter…I just need to find kids fast. If you have suggestions, I could use them…before the snow flies :wink:


I would echo Leslie earlier who talked about StudentVue. It is crucial that we start getting ALC students into StudentVue ASAP. We are past mid-quarter and if we don’t develop this habit early it will be hard to get students to take that independence later, after they get too used to staff doing it for them. Please enable StudentVue for ALC students as soon as possible.


Is there a way that if I am taking attendance by the list that I can click on a student’s name and get the same menu as when I click on their picture in the seating chart to pop up? Also, if I am in gradebook and I click on their name can I get the same menu to pop up?


I have a work around for the ‘Mi’ comment code persisting even if the assignment has been graded.

The district code: “Mi” cannot be edited, so it is stuck in ‘leave on’

However if you make your own comment by going to:

  1. Gradebook setup
  2. Click the tab for comment codes
  3. Click the (+)new button to create your own comment code
  4. Enter the following information into the top row (sorry for the bad handwriting, I was using my trackpad to write this in.)

    Click save and then use that comment code for all of your missing assignments. They will still show up as missing in any reports you run, but now the missing mark will automatically be removed if you grade it.

Let me know if that works for you.


Two things to celebrate:

  1. We have access to StudentVue!!! We will start getting students set up on it this week and will require its use 2nd quarter - yay!!!

  2. Our school counselor quarterly prints off our rosters by how much credit each student is eligible for and in TIES it used to require several clicks per class per teacher. Now it all happens in one stop in Synergy and she was done in 10 seconds!


Anyone know how I see grade book information for students who were here part of the quarter but have been dropped from the class?


Great to hear! That’s good news.

I don’t have an answer to your other question, though.


I’m trying to do contract calculator to know how much work as student needs to do to get to 60% and getting credit.

What on earth is Synergy doing to get this 52%???


Is anyone else having trouble with running reports from the gradebook?

It keeps giving me error messages.


Me too, I couldn’t print a blank roster like I did last quarter. It works today, though!


Anyone know how to put in extra credit assignments? We had an assignment that was optional last week. If I do 0 points and 3 max points, it will take grades like 0 & 3, but neither one changes the student’s score in the class.


If you change the assignment category, extra credit is listed.