Smartboards/Notebook Software/Touch Screens Catch All


Great, can you post what they say here? If they are going, great!


I have an e-mail out to them right now. I will call if I do not here anything by e-mail.


I talked to UBI by phone on last thursday10/5/17, and they said they do not typically do smaller conferences like Ties. They only usually do a couple of large conferences a year. The person I talked to stated that their marketing team was meeting on Friday and would get back to me by e-mail. I have not heard anything yet, so I do not think that they will be coming to Ties as of right now. I will let you know if I hear anything different.


Oh, silly them. There are 3k-4k ed tech enthusiasts there! :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking, let’s see what they say.