Smartboards/Notebook Software/Touch Screens Catch All


Great, can you post what they say here? If they are going, great!


I have an e-mail out to them right now. I will call if I do not here anything by e-mail.


I talked to UBI by phone on last thursday10/5/17, and they said they do not typically do smaller conferences like Ties. They only usually do a couple of large conferences a year. The person I talked to stated that their marketing team was meeting on Friday and would get back to me by e-mail. I have not heard anything yet, so I do not think that they will be coming to Ties as of right now. I will let you know if I hear anything different.


Oh, silly them. There are 3k-4k ed tech enthusiasts there! :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking, let’s see what they say.


Does anyone know what final decisions if any have been made to switch over smartboards to flatscreens at NEC or other schools within the district? Also will those flatscreens have touch capability features like the Smartboards? I see posts that found open source software for some touch features to new flatscreens that we would get, but i have not heard of anything further decisions on the subject.


I don’t know about any final decisions, but my building IT guy updated my Smartboard software last week (for the first time in a couple school years).


To clarify…

There is no District decision to switch everything one way or the other, nor are there plans to do so. The decision is left up to the building/program level (Smartboard, screen, or just projector), and is done in consultation with IT. The idea is to get the device that makes the most sense for what’s going on in the classroom. :slight_smile:


Thanks Mike . That helps because at least we know that we have the flexibility per site to purchase the Notebook Software as needed.