Smartboards/Notebook Software/Touch Screens Catch All


I have invited all on this thread to our J-Touch demonstration at the DSC on Thursday, February 2nd. The vendor is providing lunch from Jimmy Johns and I will use the RSVPs for that lunch order so please only reply yes if you will be there. I saw J-Touch mentioned in this thread and thought I’d extend the invitation.


Thanks Kim! I’m looking forward to it!


Thanks Kim for setting up the J- Touch demonstration!


(I updated the topic name to reflect a broader conversation.)

Several of us got a chance to participate in a demo for the JTouch 65-inch Whiteboard today. I don’t want to speak for others, but I was impressed with its potential to replace SmartBoards.

The screens are capacitive touch, which means they function like a large iPad screen in terms of sensitivity. You can hook a computer right up to them, the whiteboard features seemed fairly robust, and you can cast student devices onto the screen as well.

I’d be interested in seeing how Smart Notebook software runs on the system, but all indications are that it would work well if you ran Notebook software on a device connected to the screen’s touch capacities. They’d be some loss of function in terms of SmartBoard tools, but other than that things would pretty much work the same.


Thanks for the update on JTouch 65-inch Whiteboard. I also agree that the topic title needed updating:) Thanks you for that!


I am experimenting with ways to do this and not loose content.

exporting to other formats you loose flash content.


Looking around I found a open source (free) software that provides whiteboard features.
like different pens and backgrounds. It could be helpful in replacing some SmartNote book features.


Good to know :slight_smile:


Ben, do you know if when you export it as a web page that it keeps more of the functionality of the interactions? If that is the case, there is a way to embed web pages into Moodle. We’ve had NSO teachers to this when they built their own interactive HTML pages.


I have not tested exporting as a web page, but I will and report back.


If you want to send me a zipped folder of the page I’ll plug it into Moodle and test it.


Hello All -
Our Sun teachers have brought a point forward about Smartboards that before now I do not think has been talked about in this thread. They have brought up the topic of durability of our current Smartboards vs. the J-touch models that are being proposed. The current smart boards are highly durable being able to take hard impacts, hits, slaps, etc. and still being able to function over the log term. The J-touch board from what I can see would not be able to sustain such impact without cracking( we have seen this with Ipad screens which seem similar in build to the J-touch screen) and then continue to function. The Sun teachers at NEC wonder if it would be more cost effective to keep the current Smartboards for Sun , instead of having to frequently replace cracked or broken J-touch boards?


This is a good point, Tom. Thanks for bringing it up! You’re correct, I’m not sure it’s one that I’ve heard brought up before.

I’m sure the J-Touch boards are durable, but probably not THAT durable. :slight_smile:


Has anyone seen this option?


Heh, I wonder if it works?


Mike, that looks really interesting ! We could use a white wall as a touch screen. Plus the wall or white board would be highly durable and fixable. Cool concept. We would still need to keep the licenses to the smartnotebook software to run all the lessons we have made in smartnotebook, but could get rid of the smartboard itself and replace with the Ubi Interactive board .


I’m hearing mixed reviews as to how well these types of systems work, but we could reach out to them? I wonder if they’ll be at the TIES Conference? That would be easiest.


Sounds good. We can hopefully experience the system if they will be at Ties, and get any questions directly answered.


Would you like to contact them Tom, and see if they’ll be at TIES?


Sure, I will see if they will be there.