Making Your Own Interactive Content


I added the course for you as well and gave you a topic block to experiment and display any of your demos.


Okay, I went down a rabbit hole with this stuff over the last two days when I probably should have been working on something else, but this started looking to me like a simplified version of SCORM editing. Then I decided to look back on some of my earlier attempts at SCORM development. The open source editors back then were pretty ugly and the more expensive ones were too cost prohibitive.

I decided to give one another shot

The editor is drastically improved and I was able to make one that was functional.

So here’s where I’m at…

Now what? We have the capability now between H5P, SCORM, and Moodle to create some incredible interactive content/delivery. Will this just be one more thing we have but don’t use?

I’m going to see what I can do to replace one of the units in my course with more of these tools and see what happens. If anyone wants to workshop some of this stuff together sometime after next week we should talk.

Mike, if we do a discussion on H5P, I’m thinking we should also include a discussion at least on SCORM. All of that can be within the wrapper of interactive content, feedback loops and progress tracking.


So far it’s looking more like a Moodle Lesson module with more potential. There is an option for it to upload a Wiki article (which you can later edit). I wondered why I might do that but now that I think about it, including the wiki allows you to only use relevant information from it as well as giving students the ability to download the contents of the package so that an internet connection wouldn’t be required for content consumption. I’m still trying to decide if it’s something I’m going to use or not within this lesson. I’ll post an example next week.


Do you happen to know if the H5P interactive video can somehow be embedded in a traditional moodle lesson setup? I can only see a way for making an interactive video as a standalone video accessible from the section page, but would like to make it part of a regular lesson content page.

Any idea if this is possible or a way to bodge it in?


If it could be created and hosted separately we could probably find a way. In a case like this, I’m wondering if it would be easier to create as an outside object and then embed in a SCORM package. It’s more advanced than what can just be created in Moodle but Moodle can give access, track progress and pull scores from them.

I was playing around with creating SCORM packages a couple weeks ago and made one that I’m going to tweak and include in my course because it creates a little more accountability for making sure that a student finishes watching a video (now, the student could just run the video to the end but I’d see how long they spent on the item anyway).


yes, please.


I will be using the interactive video, particularly with drag and drop pics. Love it! Thank you for sharing.


I created content through my account on the H5P site and was able to embed it wherever. Pretty easy. Yes, you have to work in another site to bring it in but at least you can place it anywhere. You can also download the content from here as well.


For some reason, my video won’t play. It’s an MP4 and I can upload a thumbnail and the audio works, but the video doesn’t play.


I didn’t realize that you could even create an account on the H5P site. That’s good to know. I will give it a try, thanks for the tip!


Update for H5P and Moodle here.


I’ve been spending some time learning Unity, and one of the easy output features of that is a WebGL structure (HTML5) that runs on desktops (but not mobile devices). I wanted to see if I could get a WebGL module to run inside Moodle, and I figured it out this afternoon.

I used these instructions:

  1. Zip up all files in the package into a file - lets call it
  2. Turn editing on in the Moodle course.
  3. Add a ‘File’ from the Resources menu in the target topic.
  4. Give the resource a name, description etc.
  5. Use the ‘add files’ feature to upload the file to Moodle.
  6. Right click on the file and select ‘unzip’ - this should now show the unpacked files.
  7. Right click on the ‘main’ file (in your case HTML5.html) and select ‘set main file’ - this will make Moodle load this file, which in turn calls the other files.
  8. Save and display.

Well, actually, that didn’t work, but the only additional step I needed to take was to:

  1. Click on the Appearance options, and select “Embed”.

Here is the a game prototype I was working on loaded into a Moodle page. If you can’t get in, manual enrollment key is: msbox

(You are the marble. The goal is to collect gold coins before the boxes get you. Use WASD to move your marble around. If the marble doesn’t respond, just click once on the game screen itself and it should run fine.)

I’m pretty happy with the performance and the output. Ideally, I’d like to get some explanatory text above and below the gameplay window, but that’s not critical.


Building off of the previous post, my next step will be to try this Unity QuizApp asset to start building simple practice quiz activities for vocab/character review in Japanese.


This is what I had to do with some courses back when Moodle originally ditched the Legacy Files area. This process has saved me a few times, I really like the amount of control this gives you to run pretty much anything you want within the LMS. Thanks for writing up the documentation.


Yes, I know we could just link to something like this, but I like the idea of having content accessible right inside the course itself.

At some point I may make a video of the process and post it to Tech Tips or something.

I’m pretty excited about the quiz asset and what it can do. It might be possible to build LTI integration with Moodle too.


Apparently there is a Unity3D-Scorm Integration package that you can use to integrate Unity projects with Moodle. The link is here:

Unity SCORM Integration Kit