IDEO's Design Kit: The Course for Human-Centered Design


Evenings can be tricky for me as well (Tuesdays are right out), but I can probably make any morning work.


Evenings other than Friday work or any morning but Monday :slight_smile:


To get us started, how about setting aside Wednesday the 10th from 6:00am to 7:20am and Tuesday the 16th from 6:00am to 7:20am?

Would the DSC (1820 Xenium Lane North, Plymouth) be relatively central to us? On the 10th Ben S has a meeting at 7:30am at the DSC which would make that location work well for him for that meeting anyway.

If those dates/location/time work, I could go ahead and send out a calendar invite. Let me know what you think!


I’m planning on Wednesday @ 6:00 a.m. Thanks!


Me too! Let’s plan for that then take a look at the material tomorrow morning and make a final decision?


I’ve gone in the course and poked about some. First impression: Really excited. This looks quite good! It also looks quite a bit of effort.

Ben and I just chatted about things. We thought this…

Since there is a reading to do before the first meeting, we thought this…

Let’s NOT meet tomorrow, so that we’ll all have time to read the first reading before the first meeting.

Let’s set up a time to meet for an hour and a half next week before work, during which time we could do half the first activity, and figure out other elements of how we’ll work together, and set up subsequent meetings. To move this along, how about next Tuesday morning, May 16, from 6:00am to 7:30am?

This okay with all?


We need:

  1. A team name
  2. A tagline
  3. A logo

Maybe we start with 1 & 2, then go from there? Suggestions, ideas for a team name/tagline? Normally I’d suggest something to do with 287, but we’re not all from 287, so maybe we’ll actually need a bit of creativity?

Team Name: 287 + 1?
Tagline: We Design at the Crack of Dawn?


Hi Mike,
5/15 6-7:30 works for me.
I like the team name.
For a tagline running with that same theme, how about: At the Dawn of our Design?
Looking forward to this!


Oops. I had a mistake on the date in the earlier post. Tuesday is May 16, not May 15.

I’ve sent out a group invitation for Tuesday, May 16. Carol mentioned Monday mornings don’t work for her.


I’ve created the 287 + 1 team.

I don’t see a way to simply add people to the team, or even invite people to join it. Perhaps you can search and add yourselves to the team once you’ve logged into the course and set up a profile.

EDIT: Now there is an “Invite to Team” button available. I’ve invited you all to the 287 +1 team.


Looks like our first task is to complete the “Pre-Course” survey. Thank you @Benjamin_Silberglitt and @MikeSmart for getting the team and tagline picked out as well as setting up our first meeting. Who is our +1? Do you know them?


I went through the Week 1 reading and videos last night. I enjoyed them and thought they were well done. I’m excited to learn more.

Yep, a friend of mine will be joining us. He’s created an account and posted up above as well.


I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s kick off!

Looks like there are two things to prepare…

  1. Read the first lesson’s content (took me less than 30 minutes) and watch the first lesson’s videos (took about 10 minutes).

  2. Print out the Lesson 1 Workshop Guide.

See everyone bright and early tomorrow!